Today History -16 April 2019

Important events of 16th April

  • 1853 – India’s first train runs between Victoria Terminus station in Bombay and Thane. 400 passengers ride in 14 bogies of this train.
  • 1900 – US Post Office releases postage stamp book
  • 1917 – Rebellion of Russian soldiers in Petrograd, formation of temporary government in Russia, abandoning throne and country by Jar Nicholas II.
  • 1919 – Gandhi ji announced the fast to pay homage to those killed in Jallianwala Bagh massacre.
  • 1922 – An agreement was reached between Italy and Italy in Italy, which is called the Treaty of Rapallo. This agreement was done to improve diplomatic relations between the two countries and for mutual cooperation.
  • 1925 – 150 people died in an attack on church in Sofia city of Bulgaria.
  • 1945 – Due to the Soviet submarine, submerge the Refugee ship of Germany 7000 people died in that.
  • 1945 – During the Second World War, the US Army entered the Nuremberg area of ​​Germany.
  • 1945 – Red Army launched the Battle of Berlin.
  • 1964 – 12 people were sentenced to 307 years for ‘The Great Train Robbery’, which included UK’s known crimes.
  • 1970 – European country France, 70 people have died due to snow storms
  • 1972 – American Space Agency NASA successfully tested Apollo 16 from Florida.
  • 1978 – 180 people died in the cyclonic storm that hit Odisha.
  • 1988 – Khaleelul Wazir, the famous Palestinian Confederate of the Zionist regime killed in Tunisia. They were very patriotic Palestinians.
  • 1992 – Afghan President Najibullah gives his resignation.
  • 1997 – A gas cylinder burst in Mena, 10 kilometers away from Maize, causing a fierce fire that resulted in 343 Haji Shahid and 1290 injured.
  • 1999 – Pakistan defeats India to win Coca-Cola Cup triangular tournament (Sharjah).
  • 1999 – N. Microv, the largest bacterium of the largest size. Detected in the US.
  • 1999 – Advertised Boitflix becomes the new President of Algeria
  • 2002 – 120 killed in plane crash in South Korea
  • 2004 – India beat Pakistan in the third test match in Rawalpindi, winning the series 2-1 between the two countries.
  • 2008 – BSP candidates contest in Uttar Pradesh elections for five Lok Sabha seats (Azamgarh, Khalilabad, Bilgram, Kurnalganj and Moradabad).
  • 2008 – Power Finance Corporation (PFC), a public sector power company, has announced a net profit of 1209 crore in the year 2007-08 and announced that it will allocate Rs 69,498 crore for various projects in the fiscal year.
  • 2008 – Leicester City Council (London) approved the installation of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India in this multicultural city.
  • 2010 – In a joint statement issued after the BRIC conference, Brick member states of Brazil, Russia, India and China emphasized the improvement that ensures vital role and representation of Indo-Brazil in the United Nations (UN).
  • 2013- Indian Railways have been 160 years old.
  • 2013 – Google has dedicated its doodle (logo) to India’s first passenger train. The smoke-laden train is seen moving on the railway track surrounded by palm trees and the combination of these two looks like a palace made of a dome and a minaret.

Person born on 16th April

  • 1844 – French author and poet Annal Franks was born in Paris.
  • 1848 – Kandukuri Vireshalingam – Famous scholar of the Telugu language, who got fame in the modern Telugu literature as ‘Ghadhi Brahma’.
  • 1889 – World famous comedian actor Charlie was born in a place near London. They are famous all over the world as Charlie Chaplin.
  • 1919 – Arjan Singh – The only Marshal to reach the highest ranking of the Indian Air Force and five star rank.
  • 1934 – Ram Naik is an Indian politician who is the current Governor of Uttar Pradesh.
  • 1978 – Renowned actress and model Lara Dutta was born in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Died on 16th April

  • 1951 – Advaita Mallivarman, famous Bengali writer
  • 1961 – Randhir Singh – famous Sikh leader and revolutionary.
  • 1966 – Nandlal Bose – A famous painter of India.

Important Opportunities and Celebrations of April 16

  • Garu Shri Angad Dev Ji Jyoti Jyot (Nanakshahi).
  • Guru Shree Harkishan ji Jyoti Jyot (Nanakshahi).
  • Rajasthan Police Day
  • Indian Railway Transport Day.
  • Foursquare Day.
  • World Voice Day.
  • NationalHealthcare Decisions Day (US)

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