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The India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) Project is a multi-institutional exertion went for building a world-class underground lab with a stone front of approx.1200 m for non-quickening agent based high vitality and atomic material science look into in India.

The underlying objective of INO is to think about neutrinos. Neutrinos are major particles having a place with the lepton family. They come in three flavors, one related with electrons and the others with their heavier cousins the muon and the Tau. As indicated by standard model of molecule material science, they are mass less. Anyway ongoing investigations demonstrate that these charge-nonpartisan essential particles, have limited however little mass which is obscure. They sway between flavors as they spread. Assurance of neutrino masses and blending parameters is a standout amongst the most imperative open issues in material science today. The ICAL finder is intended to address a portion of these key open issues remarkably. Throughout the years this underground office is relied upon to form into an undeniable underground science research center for different examinations in material science, science, geography, hydrology and so forth.

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