• 1781 – The first bank in America opened in ‘Bank of North America’1783 – All states of North America banned the import of slaves from African1802 – Peshwa Bajirao II received British protection.1803: Britain’s East India Company controls Delhi, Agra and Bharuch.
  • 1893: Russia and France sign military contracts.
  • 1922: The Soviet Union (USSR) is established. The Soviet Union has existed as an extremely powerful communist nation for almost 7 decades.
  • 1996: In Guatemala, the Civil War ended in the last 36 years.
  • 1975: African country’s constitution came into effect in Madagascar.
  • 2006: Former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein was hanged
  • 1975: Dwakhyant Kumar, a poet and dancer of Hindi, died.
  •  1971: Famous scientist Vikram Sarabhai died in Trivandrum
  • 1943: Freedom Fighter Subhash Chandra Bose wandered the flag of India’s independence in Port Blair

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