Current Affair
  • India becomes the space superpower by successfully testing the satellite missile A-set in the lower orbit of India.
  • Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that the purpose of mission power is to strengthen the entire security of the country. The international community assured that it will not be used against any country
  • Finishing the scrutiny of nomination papers for the second phase of Lok Sabha elections. Polling for 97 seats will be held on April 18
  • The Transaction Directorate said – The group of banks recovered more than Rs 1,000 crore from the sale of shares of fugitive criminal Vijay Mallya
  • India and South Korea in Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey final of Malaysia in Khals
  • IPL 2019: Russell-Rana and Uthappa smashed the innings, Kolkata beat Punjab by 28 runs

Miscellaneous news

  • The Election Commission said in the Supreme Court, “Electoral Bond retrograde step, against the transparency of funding to the parties
  • Anti-satellite technology will become a major weapon in the wake of Saps War: Expert
  • ‘Mission Shakti’: Panel of officers created by EC to probe PM Modi’s address
  • Could the anti-satellite missile launch in 2007, but did not have political will: former ISRO Chief
  • Lok Sabha election: Priyanka Gandhi spoke – decided not to, but if the party says she will definitely contest
  • On the issue of fur state, the AAP asked Sheila Dikshit, was Congress manifesto false?
  • Rahul Gandhi will issue election manifesto on April 2
  • Lok Sabha elections: CM Kumaraswamy’s claim, ‘Bengaluru coming to raid 300 tax officials from Delhi’
  • Congress worker from the body with my party and with me: Nitin Gadkari, a different country to tell a different country
  • India’s ‘Mission power’ in Pakistan stirred up, Imran said: Pakistan against space militarization
  • BJP General Secretary P Murlidhar Rao and other eight cases of cheating
  • Air India pilots will not be able to get burger-pizzas in flight
  • Priyanka Gandhi in Amethi, Rahul will become PM when elections are won
  • China, nervous about ‘Mission power’ – said hope is going to keep peace in space

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