22 July 2019 Current Affair
  • The government filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court in the Rafal Fighter Aircraft case. Said – The petitioner is guilty of making confidential information public The Supreme Court will hear the matter today
  • The Secretary-General of the Security Council, Jaish-e-Mohammad, will decide on the issue of banning donations. USA said – Masood Azhar deserve to be declared a global terrorist
  • Bharatiya Janata Party’s delegation met the Election Commission. Demand for West Bengal to be declared vulnerable Mamata Banerjee criticized
  • Congress President Rahul Gandhi said- If his party comes to power, the minimum income guarantee scheme will be implemented.
  • There will be a vote in the British Parliament tonight on the issue of separation from the European Union without any agreement with the British
  • India lose 2-3 series to Australia, fifth match to lose by 35 runs

Miscellaneous news

  • J & K: Air Force on alert, 2 Pakistani fighter aircraft seen in LoC in Tail
  • Boeing 737 Bain, Civil Aviation Secretary, said – Challenging day on Thursday
  • Affidavit of the Ministry of Defense in the SC, said – leak of Rafael’s notifications from illegal photocopies
  • ICC World Cup 2019: Rishabh Pant’s entry into the World Cup may be on the brakes, Rahul and Ambati can also be cut
  • Karnataka: Congress will contest 20 seats in JDS and eight seats
  • Government warns airlines, do not raise the rent by taking advantage of the situation
  • Delhi: Congress is demanding workers’ opinion on ‘coalition’
  • Facebook and Instagram Down, Complaining Users Complaining on Twitter
  • Jattle said, if there is a formal audit of the construction of the Gandhi-Nehru family, then the facts will make all the statements.
  • General Elections 2019: Congress releases second list of 21 candidates, Raj Babbar will fight Moradabad
  • Karnataka: Congress-JDS agreement, Congress will contest 20 seats and JDS 8 seats
  • Eight killed in shooting of school in Barajil, two attackers suicidal
  • Chadrashekhar’s declaration- Elections will fight against Narendra Modi, Priyanka Gandhi in the closed room
  • Speaking after the meeting of the General Election, there is no doubt on seat sharing
  • Notice to Delhi BJP MLA Om Prakash Sharma on the use of congratulations on the fraud book;
  • Jammu and Kashmir: Youth killed in the fire, terrorists shot dead outside home

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